Russian escort girls Vienna from Luxury escort agency World Angels

We render excellent Vienna escort service for clients in Austria, all of Europe and worldwide with style and class. Our established service meets the distinguished gentleman with a sense of luxury, whom we are only too happy to show our selection of special people.

Our well-selected escort girls Vienna love the occasion to have fun in company, large or small and always fine. Alternatively, they also appreciate a private atmosphere, relaxed or intense. Your time with your luxury escort is just as special: romance by candlelight or a critical business lunch, large gala or casino frenzy, discussions on business and politics, science and art, at the fashion show with a model next to you, luminous personality between yachts and jets, evenings and nights in the dream of theater and dance.

With our escort service for upscale company you will find beguiling private escort vienna. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the exclusive high-class escort and we look forward to your ideas. Treat yourself to what is always due: an hour-long (or longer) moment of noble magic. With our renowned escort agency Vienna, you will get to know a mobile specialist. Again, and again.


Russian escort girls Vienna from Luxury escort agency World Angels

… for us means trust at the top. Our ideas from many years of experience deserve your attention and imagination. Your companion will implement it skillfully – ideal for your inner world. In our diversity of personalities, you can both easily discover each other: similar interests lead to a successful match between high-class escort and gentleman. In this way the whole body does what the head never forgets.


We only look after your personal situation individually. In a relaxed phone call, we’ll understand your preferences. This includes body and clothing as well as preferred places and times. Your and our openness to your ideas comes to you as added value: freshness in your experience of a female presence and Russian escort Vienna. In addition, your ideas from imagination and cheeky meet our creative people: people in real life, to touch, and to be fully understood.

As a connoisseur of our renowned elite escort Vienna service, you will feel that harmony. That is why there is a click between you and often several of those ladies. We capitalize on the liaison of etiquette, education and erotic know-how. Follow our definition of “High Class VIP Escort Vienna”.

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