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Escort in Dubai: three main questions

Escort in Dubai: Features of the service in the UAE


The Middle East attracts not only tourists and lovers of excursions, but also Russian women looking for easy money and a beautiful life. Girls providing escort service in Dubai find themselves in a real oriental fairy tale with luxury cars, expensive yachts, rich gifts. In the UAE, escorts are very much in demand, and wealthy Arabs often use this kind of leisure, generously paying the Russian girls for the attention given to them.

In this article we will answer the most popular questions about Dubai elite escort and tell why our girls are trying their best to work there.

Why are Slavs popular in the Emirates?

Russian girls providing VIP Dubai escorts are always welcome. They are not only beautiful, but also good at their job - always friendly, cheerful, educated. They do not think they are the center of the universe and are not capricious.

It's no secret that many Eastern men are attracted to Russian escort girls. Our beauties with Slavic appearance are a real exotic for the Arabs, for which they are ready to shell out a decent amount. Russian escort Dubai has always been mega-popular because Russian women are famous for their natural beauty, gentle disposition, desire to please men.

Local sultans, kings, princes and just rich oriental men are not used to deny themselves pleasures. Their budget will not suffer much if they pay a few thousand dollars to their favorite escort for the unforgettable weekend spent together. And on top of the official fee, the girl is likely to bring a suitcase full of gifts, branded outfits and jewelry.

How to get into elite escorts Dubai?

To provide escort service in Dubai and get good money for it is possible in two ways:

Escort in Dubai: Features of the service in the UAE

Model escort agency. Here at once stipulated conditions, requirements and countries with which the company cooperates. You see from the very beginning, where you can go to work. However, the agency has a strict casting and strict restrictions: age, height, appearance parameters. The preferences are up to 25 years old, natural beauty, no obvious silicone. The fact that preference is given to blondes is a myth. The main thing is natural beauty and charisma.

To provide Dubai escort service. Here a girl is her own mistress, with all the ensuing advantages and disadvantages. And the latter are more, because you have to look for clients yourself, and it's always longer, more expensive, and sometimes dangerous.

How much do you earn in an escort?

Dubai escort agency, claims that prices for services start at $ 700 per evening. In a month, the "salary" of an escort can be up to 20-40 thousand dollars, and some girls bring home even more. Local padishahs are willing to shell out solid sums to fulfill their fantasies and spend time in the company of a seductive sexy Slav.

Girls for escort service Dubai live in hotels, dine in restaurants, exercise in paid fitness centers. There is an option to get a harem job with some sheik and keep your expenses to a minimum, because he will pay for everything.

Of course, the escort gives a certain % to the escort agency and the manager, but the "tips", things, jewelry and other gifts remain to her. There are many real stories when after a few months of escort work in Dubai, the girls brought home $200,000, bought apartments, cars, and ensured their lives completely. That is the oriental fairy tale for Russian escorts.