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Fashion for appearance is as cruel as the length of dresses or the width of pants. All of a sudden girls are taller, grow longer hair, and have larger breasts. They try to follow generally accepted standards of beauty, and it’s hard to blame them for that. But what about men who like petite or short-cut girls?

In their usual circle of wealthy men find it difficult to meet with a girl whose appearance is fundamentally different from the standard. But what if you really want to?

Only the escort Rome can guarantee you a meeting with a girl who you would like to see around today and who is different from the string of chasers of successful men.


Most of the escort girls in Rome, photos of which are presented in the gallery of, have a pronounced individuality. None of them had experimented with their appearance in cosmetic clinics. Each has a well-groomed, trim figure and has the intelligence to communicate on an equal footing with businessmen and politicians.

But agency World angels is ready to find among thousands Russian escort girls, in other cities of Italy that one, which will satisfy the wishes of one man, who has addressed for the help. Height and build, hair color and length, eye shape and other features – nothing is impossible in elite escorts. All fantasies will be realized.

When selecting escort in Rome, models agency managers pay special attention to the education, upbringing, and the range of interests of the applicant. Few solid men are willing to communicate with the stupid beauties who can not tie the two words. The things that can be discussed with a girl, in what areas of knowledge she understands thoroughly, and with what she knows superficially, is discussed in detail with the man. As a rule, there are no complaints on this side.

Most of the girls who have found themselves providing escort service Rome, have higher education, often more than one.

Russian escort Rome never advertise their work. In everyday life, they are ordinary girls who attend university, play sports, meet with friends. And only for the man with whom she meets (for one evening or permanently – it does not matter), she becomes a fairy tale, in which all the dreams that can only come to mind come true.

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