Escort Moscow - what is an escort?

Escort in Moscow: about clients and the specifics of the service

Escort service in Moscow: what they are, why they are needed, and where to order them


In the classic sense, escort Moscow involves accompanying a client for a fee. Beautiful girls provide a beautiful picture: they act as companions at business meetings, keep them company at charity events and social parties, they act as hostesses. The contract does not allow for intimacy, but intimacy is still implied.

Who renders escort service Moscow?

Moscow escort are not just beautiful models with spectacular looks and runway standards. They are girls with higher education, perfect manners, knowledge of foreign languages and the ability to carry on any conversation. They do not expect any special fairy tale from their clients, but are ready to arrange it themselves, fulfilling the slightest whims for a decent fee. These are girls who subtly feel the needs of the male sex, so it is always easy and pleasant to spend time with them.

In the United States, Japan, and Western European countries this kind of service has long been practiced. This work is considered prestigious and highly paid, so getting an escort abroad is not easy. In Russia, the reputation of this business has not yet received a positive coloring, but the elite escort in the last 20 years has become very popular.

Who needs escort services

Half of the client base of escort agencies are Russian businessmen of advanced age and old rich foreigners. Often married. The remaining 50% - it is the "children of rich parents" and young wealthy people who need a spectacular companion "the evil of enemies, the envy of a friend. The main category of clients is businessmen, executives, and busy people who do not have time to find a soulmate and romance. They earn money, so they can afford to buy the attention of a young, charming girl.

Men's requests are radically different. Agencies that provide vip escort service, apply businessmen who need a smart and businesslike companion, able to support any conversation, to charm business partners and competitors. Others need a bright beauty with which you can shine at a party or an erudite girl who can show the capital to a visitor and brighten up your leisure time.

Escort with an extension.

Escort service models often involve an intimate continuation. To agree to this format of the meeting or not is a personal matter for each girl. This service is paid much higher than just escorting to the event, so many models are not greatly burdened by moral principles. The reasons are varied - some want a beautiful life and financial independence, some are saving up for their own apartment or car.

Escort service in Moscow: what they are, why they are needed, and where to order themEscort in Moscow: about clients and the specifics of the service

Escort what is it for the girls? This is a good start and chic opportunities not only for a pleasant life and easy earnings, but also for a career. Models often invest in higher education, their own business or the purchase of real estate.

Escort work allows girls to earn good money, travel, dress nicely, and vacation at the world's coolest resorts. No other "decent" field of employment gives such wide opportunities and prospects. That's why there are always plenty of announcements in Moscow telegram escorts.

Where to look for escort services?

Finding escort services Telegram or on specialized sites with offers of an intimate nature is not a problem. The question is in another - in the quality of these very services. It is safer and more convenient to apply directly to an escort agency, where there is a database of female escort models. The manager will choose an ideal escort according to the following parameters: appearance, education, character, price.

Before the date, be sure to brief the model - what the event, what the dress code, what you can say, what you can not. If the client does not like something, he simply calls the agency and asks to replace the girl. Everything is very easy, without pretensions and stress. That's the beauty of this service - for your money you get what you want.