WHAT IS ESCORT SERVICEHowever the word escort was inclined what synonyms were invented with what adjectives were not put in one row. It is difficult to find a more controversial but such an interesting and tempting topic. So we decided to conduct our own investigation and write a detailed guide escort service Moscow. After reading it, you will have no questions or doubts.


In the classical sense in Moscow client is supposed to be accompanied at various events for a fee. Beautiful girls provide a beautiful background – they play the role of companions in business negotiations, form the company at social gatherings, conduct tours of the city, act as hostesses.

No intimate continuation of the contract is provided but sometimes with mutual sympathy and if the stars match – it is possible.

Traditional escort in Moscow appeared 20 years ago. In the countries of Europe escort profession is considered to be quite a monetary job and Russia is also not far from European values. But 99.9% of the population sees escorts in Russian as such – serving clients in saunas and country cottages. Actually it is not quite so.

The real escort models in Moscow are not just cute phytoniacs that you meet on the street or in Instagram. Today they are girls with higher education and good upbringing, with knowledge of foreign languages and ability to support any topic of conversation – from Trump politics to the problems of Antarctica melting. Naturally search for such a girl may take not just a week, but months and years. Successful men who by their status are not allowed to appear at important events in proud solitude can meet girls for escort in Moscow in three ways:


Doubtful pleasure that does not guarantee a pleasant evening with the word at all. The principle here is primitive and is designed for men who need a traditional escort last.

Real escort models in MoscowIn 9 out of 10 questionnaires a photo of some sexy blonde is put up who neither sleeps nor spirits about the fact that she turns out to be dreaming to keep company with an adequate successful gentleman. Under the questionnaire there are several girls of the same type and on the call they meet with a bent client for whom the appearance of a beauty often becomes a surprise.


Letter to get acquainted with party girls but not exorttresses. Here you can meet a lover of erotic adventures but really “quality girls” rarely visit such places alone. Plus, there’s always the risk of hitting on con artists.


This is the most reliable, safe and convenient way to get acquainted with models for escorts in Moscow. Judge for yourself:

Here you will be offered a rich choice of elite beauties. Such beauties are not met on the street or in a restaurant. Strict standards allow you to choose really first-class girls escorts.

  • All photos are real in questionnaires. That is, customers are guaranteed services without disappointment and unpleasant surprises.
  • Reputation for an elite escort agency always comes first! That’s why customers are guaranteed 100% confidentiality of their services and protection of personal information.
  • Many people in Moscow do not know exactly what they want.  Escort services are multifaceted – everything depends on the place and the meeting scenario. For a charity auction or business lunch with partners you need one girl for traveling to the islands and escorting a foreigner in the capital – another.  The task of the escort agency is to find the one.


Traditional escort in MoscowThe demand generates a sentence. It is a moweton to come to receptions in a high bohemian society alone. Secured men prefer to appear in the company of a beautiful companion – on evil enemies on envy of a friend. The main category of clients of escort agencies – businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, in general, people who do not have time for romantic relationships. Buying the attention of charming girl is sometimes the only way out for them.

  • Base of models for escort in Moscow;
  • Base of clients who use support services;

The task of managers is to find a girl in the database which by all parameters is ideal for the customer. And the parameters and whims can be very different, for example knowledge of the Chinese language or ability to play the piano.

The client is offered several candidates based on his requests and wishes. And at same time managers contact these models and clarify whether they are free. When the customer is determined with a choice manager calls the girl and makes an appointment – where and when.

Before a date with a model client detailed briefing is obligatory – who will be at the event what is the dress code what can be said or can not. This is the work of an agent who is in  topic and knows his customers from and before. If the client something does not suit or strained he does not make a claim to the girl he just calls the agency and asks for a replacement.


You should understand that even without intimacy escort is not a variant of female bodyguard. This is a service that should be equally enjoyable for both parties. Girls for an escort service in Moscow should not have a diploma of higher education at all (the client will not check its presence exactly), but to know the etiquette, to be able to support the conversation to understand the world situation – it is necessary. In order to succeed in an escort career, to be in demand and as a result – to earn decent money, it is necessary to observe a number of rules at meetings with men:

  •     Be aware of your partner’s field of activity, be able to find topics for an interesting conversation;
  •     Strictly follow the dress code of the event for which escort is required;
  •     Be able to easily and effortlessly translate attention from a man in a tense moment;
  •     Shine but not shade the man you are accompanying;
  •     Be able to keep silent and not spread client information to outsiders;
  •     Cannot be photographed and delivered without life necessity.

Base models escort in MoscowOften girls accompany men not only to create a beautiful picture nearby but also to provide psychological support. The main thing here is to talk less and listen more. It is not difficult, especially when you pay good money for it. What do models do in their spare time from escort.

Escort in Moscow gives girls a good start and ample opportunities not only for a pleasant rest, but also for a career. Yes, yes, having excellent earnings models often invest not only in their appearance, but also in higher education, and the most purposeful – in their own business or buying real estate.

Many combine an escort job with a university or main occupation. Escorts are seen as a part-time job, which gives bonuses – trips abroad, rest at the sea, visiting interesting events, profitable acquaintances. Besides, the models have an opportunity to plan their time independently, to go in for sports and favorite hobby. The main advantage – there is money for all this thanks to an escort.


The escort cost in Moscow depends first of all on the model class. The most expensive are considered:

  • TV presenters, singers and actresses
  • Winners of beauty contests
  • Professional models that have been featured in magazines and advertisements
  • Stars and Instagram escort models spread out

Payment by the hour. Minimum order from two hours. It is possible to order an escort in Moscow for a night, day or even a few days, if you need an escort on a trip abroad or for a weekend. Price directly depends on external data of the model and its ability to like. The average price of an ordinary girl, not an Instagram star, ranges from 45,000 rubles for two hours to three. On average in the capital really earn from 200 thousand and more. But to invest in their appearance too – fitness, cosmetologist, stylist, etc. But it’s all a pleasant expense.

Sponsor relations Tip and expensive gifts from clients. Plus – some models can go abroad, and there are completely different rates, earnings are much higher.


It is safest to work with the agency. At least there is a database of regular clients, which are well known by managers and in case of which may affect the situation. Generally, agencies prefer to work exclusively with proven clients who are adequately treated by the girls and always behave with dignity.

This is the blacklist of clients that has been online since early 2008. Here you can track whether a person is safe by their phone number. If a client has a blacklist, meeting with a girl for an elite escort in Moscow becomes impossible for him in most agencies. Beginner customers at the agency are sure to be checked and have a detailed interview with them. Generally, escort work has the same degree of danger as online dating, if after the first date you go to a strange man to visit.


Sponsor relations or, in other words, content is the most complex escort format and… ungrateful. A girl falls into financial dependence on one man and loses some of her freedom. She should always be in touch and appear at the first call, but in the “light-mode” work gets much less. Healthy partnership – 1 case out of 10, in the rest – the format “Lord and Slave” is obtained.

Why are Instagram stars so popular? Let’s say right away that this is a separate category of models for escorts in Moscow. For many customers the popularity of a girl is very important, so Instagram becomes a convenient place to search for escort models.

Now girls don’t even need to go through casting – it’s enough to have an account in social networks. If the appearance fits the desired format, sooner or later the agent will write to her and make an offer, which will be difficult to refuse.   For example, get 50 thousand a night, or relax in the Maldives in the company of a wealthy man and in addition earn good money.

Frequent trips abroad and travel photos are the main sign of work in escort service in Moscow. Of course, a girl can be a travel blogger, but if the photo shows her not in ambiguous positions and with a minimal set clothes – there are no options. The most popular escort routes are Emirates, Turkey, Monaco, Switzerland, Cote d’Azur of France, USA.


Escort agency clients are most often men of average age 35-70 years. They are wealthy, successful, and in 90% of cases married. The stereotype that escorts are ordered by “scary and terrible” old men is not true. Of course, there are customers over 65, but this is more of an exception than a rule.

Pretty cute young guys and even celebrities use escort services. It would seem that it is not difficult to find a vip companion like this, but it is not that simple. It turns out that it is much easier to choose a girl who can professionally like and communicate with a man so that there was a feeling – a companion does not pay attention to him for money.

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