What is an escort

Everything you want to know about escort services

What are escort services girls, how much they cost and how to find


It seems that today there is no need to explain what an escort service is. Everyone understands everything. But life shows that a little literacy on the subject still does not hurt.

What is an escort?

Escort services involves escorting a client to various events for a fee. Girls with a model appearance and pleasant manners provide a beautiful background and emphasize the high status of men. They act as companions in business meetings, keep them company at social events, act as hostesses and make the men's leisure time bright and pleasant in every respect. There is no spicy accompaniment, but ... continuation of the evening and intimacy is implied.

What is an escort service girls in the classic sense? It is an escort of a client to any event. At the same time there are higher requirements to the escort girls - they are not just beauties with model looks. These are girls with higher education and good breeding, with knowledge of foreign languages and the ability to support any topic of conversation.

Of course, to get acquainted with a girl like this on the street or on a dating site is unreal, so men are looking for other ways.

How to find an escort

Official agencies that specialize in escort services are the most reliable, safe and convenient way to meet premium models.

  • - There is a rich selection of beauties here. Strict standards and multi-level castings allow you to select really first-class girls.
  • - All photos are real, and the parameters in the profiles are 100% true. Escort services without disappointment or surprises.
  • - Confidentiality and protection of personal information is guaranteed. Reputation is always a priority for an escort agency.
  • - If you don't know what kind of escort you are looking for, agency's professionals will help you find the right one for you, taking into consideration your tastes and personal desires.

How much do escort services cost?

The cost of escort mainly depends on the class of model who will accompany you. Premium level services will cost more, but you get luxury service. Plus, clients get a lot of bonuses from joint rest with a spectacular beauty for whom the client's desires are in the first place.

How much is an escort costs also affects the number of days of togetherness - the longer the communication lasts, the lower the price per day will be. For example, a week of pleasure with a beautiful model can cost from $4,000.

Now you know what an escort is and you can contact an escort agency WORLD ANGELS to find a worthy company for yourself.