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Model work - casting, photo shoots, advertising.

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If you want to tie your life to modeling, you should understand from the beginning that such work is actually titanic work. Sometimes the shooting can take hours and not always in studio conditions, and at fashion shows you have to wear high-heeled shoes for a long time. On the other hand, for every girl modeling is an opportunity to make good money on her looks.

The qualities a model should have

Professional models must be in good physical shape and have a photogenic appearance. But it's not just looks that matter. To become a sought-after model, you must be artistic, be able to get used to any image, as well as be enduring and stress-resistant. If interested in working as a model or international model agencies, you need to develop these qualities.

What models there are and what is most important for each type.

A decade ago, modeling standards were limited to strict "90-60-90," and if there was a job Model, girls with low height could not count on it. Today the requirements have changed and almost every girl will find the area of modeling where she will be most in demand:

    • - Catwalk - "Strong-face" appearance type is welcome, height from 175 cm, parameters close to "90-60-90" as possible;

    • -Underwear advertising model - it is desirable to have feminine forms, no scars on the body, and in some cases tattoos

    • -Exhibition model - not the most stringent requirements, to advertise stands at trade fairs is enough to have a nice appearance, slender legs, because it is often necessary to pose in short skirts;

    • -Plus-size model - girls are required to have a beautiful bouffant forms, attractive appearance
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    • -Fitness model - the most important is the presence of an athletic figure, and height parameters are not important at all, because the fitness models are often needed for photo shoots and advertising

    • -Photoshoots - the most important requirements are considered photogenic, the ability to interact with the camera

    • -Promo-model - in addition to the standard model looks are valued correctly put speech, a beautiful smile

  • -Party model - for this category it is enough to have only one ideal body part, such as hair, arms, legs.

As a rule, there are no universal models, as there are very different requirements for girls in each area of modeling.

How much can models earn

A common opinion is that the job of a photo model is the highest paid. In fact, everything depends on the level, which is composed of experience, external data, age and other qualities of the model. In addition, the fee depends on the project, for example, for advertising underwear pay more, but the requirements are the most stringent. To summarize, on average, a professional model for a modeling project receives from 5,000 to 30,000$. However, at the very beginning of their careers, many have to agree to lower-paying offers.

To start working as a model, you should have a portfolio, which should include parameters, experience in the modeling business. Snapshots (modeling tests), as well as portrait and other types of photos should be compulsory for the portfolio. No model casting is done without this minimum set!