The popularity of escorts: how the business works in Russia

As long as there is demand, there will be supply. Escorts have become a regular business, something like renting. Wealthy men want to shine in society with beautiful companions and for a certain price, they buy this opportunity (“rent” a girl for a while).


It’s a very common thing for a girl to be an escort in search of a luxurious life. They come from the small towns in Russia and Ukraine, buy a single ticket and start their way to independence and the Moscow dream.

You can find a job as an escort in the following ways:

  • – Write to the escort agency’s website yourself, have an interview, make a professional portfolio and entrust the search for clients to agents.
  • – Get an invitation from scouts who search for girls in social networks Instagram and offer to become an escort model themselves.
  • – Or you can go a more complicated and dangerous way – to engage in your own career on your own (posting profiles on intimate websites and Telegram chats). Only it has nothing to do with professional escorting!

The agency’s job is to find a girl who is perfect for the client. And the needs of customers are very different – from English to the ability to play the violin.

The popularity of escorts: how the business works in Russia

It works like this scheme:

  • – The client sends a request to the agency – with his wishes about appearance and other things.
  • – Manager chooses from a database of girls who meet the customer’s request, contact them and find out if they are available.
  • – The client is offered several models, he chooses, the manager calls the girl and arranges a meeting – where and when.
  • – Before the date the model is briefed – who will be at the event, what is the dress code. This is the work of an agent who is “in the know”.
  • – A girl comes to the appointed time and place, receives money for her services and gives all the money to the agency.

If the client has a problem with something, he doesn’t make a claim against the girl, he just calls the agency and asks for a replacement.


From 300 to 1 million and more. Here, as elsewhere, everything depends on the girl’s appearance and “qualifications”. Well-known Instagram escort models are more expensive than girls who are just starting their career in escort. But not always! Many men require as an escort a girl who is not seen in this kind of service. For exclusivity, as you know, you have to pay more.

In addition to a fee, the girls get all sorts of bonuses from their work:

  • – travel and holidays in the most beautiful parts of the world;
  • – attendance at interesting events, concerts;
  • – a wide circle of useful acquaintances;
  • – expensive gifts from generous clients.

What other job in Russia can give young beauties so many opportunities? That’s right – none!


Today, the price tag of escorts directly depends on Instagram – the more followers, trips abroad and famous personalities glimpsed in the feed, the more expensive the hostess of the profile. It’s not just a nameless beauty, it’s a micro celebrity.

Instagram has become the main showcase for escorts, where you can see the goods face-to-face (and not only). On their pages, the girls post pictures of the beautiful life. They pose with huge bouquets and expensive gifts, photographed in evening gowns and lingerie. But they are always alone in the photos – you won’t see any men, girlfriends or family. They do not shine on clients, and they write something like promoter, party organiser, model, travel-blogger about their occupation.

Elite escorts are another matter. They position themselves as girls from a wealthy family. Well-educated, intelligent – socialites. They do not flaunt expensive gifts and do not shout from the photo about the resorts where they vacation. For them, the beautiful life is a natural environment. Therefore, clients may boldly go out with such escorts without fear of being compromised. This is escorting without a trace.


Today, escorting is no more dangerous than a blind date. Leisure in Moscow and St. Petersburg is the prerogative of model escort agencies, which are always on the lookout for talent and clients.

The popularity of escorts: how the business works in Russia

Every respectable agency has a base of regular customers who treat the girls adequately. Newcomers are definitely vetted. If a man is blacklisted, his chances of getting to know elite girls in Moscow come close to zero. There are blacklists of clients with whom no decent escort service will work.

The main recommendation for girls is to check the agency and the manager you are going to work with. Read reviews, look up information on blacklists, communicate on thematic forums. Otherwise you risk losing money or meeting dubious clients (which is always a serious health risk).

Working solo in escorts in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities is virtually impossible. There is no way to reach a decent, solvent clientele: everyone in this business has been “all their own” for a long time.

“You cannot get to a decent, solvent clientele: this business has long been “all one’s own”. Telegram, with its closed chats, encryption and two-factor authentication, has changed a lot in Moscow’s leisure industry.

The Russian escort market is like a blockchain. The services are outlawed, which means no one will go to the police. All you have to do is write complaints about the abusers in the general chat room. If a girl dumps an agency, she gets blacklisted, with all the trouble that entails for her career. The same goes for a client who is rude to an escort or fails to pay for services rendered.


Escort services are voluntary and well paid. There are always plenty of escorts willing to earn decent money in this not-so-decent way. Young ambitious girls without experience, education, professional skills, earnings overtake top managers. What is wrong with that?

Escorts are not ashamed of it. It’s a shame to get an official salary of 17,600 for 9 hours of work in a shop. It’s a shame to steal, to cheat. Working for yourself and doing it honestly is not shameful!

Traditionally, escorting involves accompanying a client to events for a fee. Girls provide a pretty picture, create an atmosphere, emphasize the image of the man. Otherwise – all on a voluntary basis! All people are adults and decide for themselves to what degree to raise the temperature of passion.


No, but it is 90% of success! Of course, girls providing free time do not have to be gorgeous and win at Miss World contests. But good looks, a good figure, femininity and charisma.

  • – As an escort, it’s imperative
  • – to be charming and attractive;
  • – to act at ease in the company of strangers;
  • – to be able to hold a conversation on various topics;
  • – to have impeccable etiquette;
  • – know how to present themselves and like men.

The popularity of escorts: how the business works in Russia

An escort is required to shine, but not to shade a man. Girls often accompany men not for a beautiful background but for psychological support. Here the main thing is to be able to easily switch to another topic and shift attention from the companion in a particularly tense moment.


Escort is a job. Although it is enjoyable, it requires some effort.Girls have to keep themselves in a tight grip – exercise, go on rigid diets, study languages, popular trends in business and politics, read bestsellers to keep abreast of trends.

To stay in demand, you have to develop. Not all sponsors want a beautiful, clueless doll. Today, those who know the difference between a Monet and a Manet are in demand.

There are girls who travel abroad frequently. The most popular destination is Dubai. They come here for a month and take $20-30 thousand “with their earnings”, ensuring themselves a life without poverty. But there are other stories, too, where girls go abroad on their own and end up staying in discos and earning a maximum of $2000. The best advice is to get a contract from a trusted escort agency as there is a better chance of making really good money.


If escort girls are “with a king in the head” and have a sensible approach to the allocation of finances, then they provide themselves with a comfortable life for many years ahead. Working in an escort service is not just about expensive gifts and travel. It is a real opportunity to monetise your beauty and youthfulness.

Many escorts invest in their looks to increase their price tag. They enlarge their breasts and ass, correct their figure, do beauty treatments. These expenses usually pay off very quickly.

Elite entertainment is expensive, so the girls after a couple of years of work in escort services can improve their living conditions, buy a car, pay for college tuition. Plus, there are always nice bonuses in the form of holidays abroad, expensive gifts from clients.

And of course you should not forget about the useful acquaintances and connections that you can acquire by working as an escort in Moscow. Female escorts get a golden opportunity to fulfil themselves in their profession or to open their own business. Connections with the right people decide a lot and are worth more than money.

But what about living your life to your own satisfaction? Youth is meant to be enjoyed, to make the most of life. It’s very difficult to get a decent education without having parents who can afford it, and we can’t even talk about travel or fashionable clothes. Working as an escort, girls gain financial independence and the opportunity to secure a bright future for themselves.


Half of the client base of escort services in Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russian businessmen 50+ and rich foreigners. Often they are married. The other clients are children of rich parents and young well-to-do people who need a glamorous escort “for the evil of their enemies and the envy of their friends”. Men’s requests are very different but a suitable alternative can be found for everybody.

The popularity of escorts: how the business works in Russia

Is getting to know a girl in Moscow such a difficult problem that you have to go to an escort service? For some people it is. Most men simply do not have time for looking, courting and romance. They work, they earn money, so they can afford to buy the attention of a charming girl.

For those who don’t know how to behave with a girl, these services have become a lifesaver. You don’t have to strain to impress a lady – all you need is a tight wallet and a willingness to pay for a pleasant conversation. The rest is taken care of by a professional.

Many people’s demands are too high. For example, they need neither more nor less, but a professional model or winner of a beauty contest (what? Yes, any!). Or to accompany a business trip need a beauty with knowledge of a foreign language and qualification in mountaineering.

Some people book a girl for once, while others keep in touch and meet with the same girl on a regular basis. And someone takes a beauty for maintenance and pays a monthly fee (from 500 thousand roubles).

The status of a concubine is what many escorts aspire to. Adequate funding for a man gets a spectacular companion for travel, a beautiful escort for official events and a passionate lover in bed. This girl meets all the desires of his sponsor in exchange for a high standard of living, holidays abroad, expensive gifts, career opportunities, and other bonuses. For a man the concubine becomes a holiday, an outlet, she does not burden him with anything except financial expenses.

A sponsor-companion relationship is much more honest than a marriage of convenience. Everyone knows exactly what they want and what they are prepared to give in return. There is more often than not mutual understanding and warmth in such couples.

Everyone decides for himself what an escort is: a good start and gorgeous opportunities for easy earnings and a future career or something you will never do. Every girl has a choice of how and where to spend her youth.

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