Which dating site is best for serious relationships

Virtual communication is valued for its ease and relaxedness: what guys and girls usually tell about themselves on the fifth or sixth date, online is revealed 5-10 minutes after the start of the conversation. On the other hand, it is easier to lie or exaggerate online. For these reasons, the effectiveness of online dating is questioned by many users.

We have analysed the operating principles and algorithms of popular dating services in order to find out which ones you can use to get really serious.


Operates in 25 countries and positions itself as a resource where every one of its 13 million users is guaranteed privacy and authenticity of their profiles. Members profiles are matched automatically based on the results of a psychological test comprised of 283 questions.

  • – Approximately equal ratio of men and women registered online.
  • -Wide geographical coverage
  • -Free psychological profiling
  • -Easy to navigate site

It will take 30-40 minutes to pass test, which cannot be skipped.Chat with candidates only available if “Premium Member” status is purchased. No possibility to set your own search parameters.


Dvoe.tv is a free dating website that is a virtual continuation of the popular Russian TV show “Let’s Get Married”. Those who wanted to find love under the guidance of Larisa Guzeeva and Rosa Syabitova got this opportunity thanks to a convenient service.

The participant questionnaire is filled in while “communicating” with a virtual assistant, who asks you questions himself. A pleasant design in the style of the program. You are matched based on a complex analysis of your answers.

Only three people from your city are chosen for an “interview”. You can not independently choose whom to meet, so you have to rely on the accuracy of algorithms and the will of fate.

The age of the main audience of the dating platform – from 35 to 50 years old.


When it comes to serious dating, we can’t avoid mentioning LinkYou.ru, a young service that offers a unique algorithm for selecting candidates. It is based on the commonality of professional interests of men and women who register online for free on the portal in order to meet a second half, create a family, make business acquaintances and friends.

  • – Smart search by profession, religion, ethnicity, age, city and gender
  • -Manually checking user profiles for ethics and legal requirements
  • -24/7 moderation: profiles used for spam, advertising, obscene offers are blocked within 30 minutes
  • -All the tools you need to effectively search are available without buying a premium account

The service is still under construction, so the owners are experimenting with the look and feel. Lack of apps for iOS and Android.


This resource can by no means be called an entertaining dating site, it is a serious site of free dating for single mothers and fathers who want to raise children in a full family. The service was created in 2007 to solve one of the pressing social problems. Now the portal is visited by 20-25 thousand people daily.

  • – Free registration
  • -Responsible approach to communication from all participants
  • -Large set of tools to build and maintain communication: personal blogs, open meetings, message board, forums with livehacks, etc.
  • -Uncomfortable site navigation, outdated design
  • -Audience size is limited due to the specifics of the resource


Teamo.ru positions itself as a service for serious dating to grow into real love and lasting friendship. The psychological test comprising 27 questions with multiple answers is offered by the website designers. Based on the test results, candidates from 12 million registered participants are chosen.

  • – Large audience of various ages
  • -Automatic search by demographic and psychological characteristics
  • -Responsible approach of moderators to storing the personal data of participants
  • -The lack of the “I am looking for” section where you can change the search parameters
  • -The list of actions without the purchase of an expensive premium account is significantly limited
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