Work escort girls in modeling at parties.

Working as an escort model at modeling parties - earn your money for your own pleasure

Working as an escort model at modeling events in Moscow and around the world


Successful men, businessmen, artists, politicians - they all need women's attention and are willing to pay generously for it. That is why for beautiful ambitious girls there is always and will always be a highly paid job as an escort model at model hangouts. This is a great way not only to make good money, but also to make the necessary acquaintances, to show up at status events, to gain invaluable experience of communicating with wealthy men.

Escort models parties: what is it?

Escort models parties in Moscow, and around the world, are events where beautiful models are paid to create a special atmosphere and emphasize the high status of the party. Invited girls not only have to have a model's appearance, but also have to behave with dignity. Their task is to decorate the party, entertain guests with a relaxed conversation and be the face of the event.

What happens is that a holiday is organised in a certain club or private villa, and a modelling escort agency (e.g. WORLD ANGELS) is asked to ensure that beautiful girls are present. This applies to personal events as well as the opening of new establishments, presentations and theme parties. For example, a wealthy man wants to celebrate his birthday with a "scale". Of course, friends and acquaintances will be invited, but if the event is really big, then you can't do without spectacular escort girl models. They are the ones who create the mood for the holiday!

Earning options for escort models

Working as an escort model at modeling events in Moscow and around the world

The escort image of a party is a common thing for big clubs in Asia and now in Europe. They can be:

  • - Without a continuation. When a models image works, it's just about communicating and creating a certain atmosphere, an image component.
  • - With a continuation. When in addition to pleasant communication, a spicy continuation of a hangout is meant - intimate services. But here everything depends on the girl and her desire to earn money.

If you are young, beautiful, want bright impressions and decent earnings, you can try to find escort model parties - here most often separate scouts work. But it is better not to take any risks and contact directly a well-known escort models agency, which specialises in working with the image of models and is ready to offer safe working conditions and financial stability.

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