Russian escort service Dubai - our services are the best, and the girls are the most beautiful!

Modern escorts in Dubai are gaining popularity among well-to-do men who not only want to solve business problems productively, but also to spend their free time in the company of a beauty of model appearance. Night Dubai is not only skyscrapers and clubs, but also its own culture, well traced with the help of colorful places and unique service.

With a girl-model there is no shame to appear in a gambling club or premium hotel which provides a full program from extensive room facilities to sauna and club services. Girls will be able to relax in such conditions, and rich men will appreciate all the advantages of escort service from professional escort to the entertainment of clients at business events, noisy receptions or parties.


Beautiful models in Dubai escorts prefer an interesting holiday, so it is important for them to select the appropriate categories of entertainment venues. The good thing is that there really is a lot to see in Dubai. A selection of popular places for vacations with escort models includes the following:

Russian escort service Dubai - our services are the best, and the girls are the most beautiful!

Young Palm jumeirah hotel – is a popular destination for beautiful girls with unique parties and events that involve professional DJs, musicians and clubbing in Dubai. Adding to the added pluses are the use of a private terrace, 24-hour room service and a wide room inventory designed to fulfill the basic needs of affluent people who want to expand their leisure options. The hotel is quite close to famous attractions – Palma Jumeirah (2.9 km) and The Palladium (3.1 km). The owners strive to demonstrate a high level in creating a comfortable environment for guests.

Billionaire Mansion Dubai restaurant – combines gastronomic pleasure and quality service for VIP guests. Asian and European cuisine is complemented with author’s recipes and additional entertainment events. The institution has been developed and launched by Billionaire Life Group. It has a unique way of interaction with the audience in Dubai. To create pleasant atmosphere there is everything you need – own lounge, karaoke club Prive, detailed show-program for different categories of guests. International celebrities often perform their concerts here.

One of the best local beach clubs, Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach Club – – will let you enjoy the charms of its model-satellite figure. A fully fenced in area with white sand, individual loungers and a full list of services for active dancing and entertainment – what more do you need to fall in love in Dubai?


Most of the model girls tend to go abroad, so a rich client can easily choose a young, intelligent and knowledgeable English girl for escort. It is enough to study the database of profiles to make a final decision in favor of a certain candidate.

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