Escort work: what are the benefits for escort Moscow

Every now and then, the media publishes a rating of the most expensive star escorts, including the soloists of VIA Gry, young actresses, and other media beauties. Nowadays, escorts call everything related to intimate services. Therefore, for many, the word sounds synonymous with “prostitution”. In fact, escort service Moscow are escort services. An escort is a girl who sells a man his time, but a pleasant continuation of the evening is still implied.


It seems that the work of an escort is one continuous pleasure: visiting status events and private parties, holidays abroad and travel, expensive gifts and signs of attention from wealthy gentlemen. Yes, that’s right. And some of the most beautiful escorts earn at the level of top managers of Russian escort companies.

A real escort in Moscow provides exactly the model agency. In this case, the casting is quite tough and not every long-legged model can cope with the functions of an elite escort. Not only beauties with ideal parameters but also girls who do not correspond to podium standards can get such kind of work. Men see women’s beauty in different ways, and many feel out of place in the company of the model ideal. Therefore, girls who are far from the parameters of 90-60-90, also have a chance to realize themselves in escort.


Escort work: what are the benefits for escort Moscow

These escort girls Moscow are pleasant in all respects, accompanying solid, rich men to various events. There are serious requirements to them, and not only to appearance, but also to the level of education, manners, knowledge of languages. The law for escorts is to look wonderful every day, to be always in a good mood and to carry out any whims of the satellite.

The most famous escorts in Russia earn up to 15 thousand dollars per night. Although at the beginning of the career rates are much lower, but still this kind of employment is much more pleasant and profitable financially than working in an office 5 days a week. After 2-3 years of work in escort girls in Moscow can get their own car or house in Moscow, and also have the opportunity to pay for college and financially help your family.

Moscow escort have the opportunity to travel around the world, live in luxury hotels, ride on expensive yachts. They enjoy their own lives, getting money without grueling work. More often than not, girls have a lot of free time to go to gyms, beauty salons and spas. They invest a lot in their appearance, but these investments always pay off thanks to generous clients.

Any sexy escort is always surrounded by male attention, studded with gifts and interesting proposals. She has a lot of opportunities, and the main thing is to use them correctly. For example, a girl can save up to open her own business – a beauty salon, store. Or acquire useful contacts with influential personalities. A lucrative marriage to a rich man is not excluded, because no one cancels the true love.


Some experienced female escort create Telegram channels’ and look for clients on their own. But the most reliable, safe and convenient way is modeling agencies that specialize in providing escort services.

Such an escort agency Moscow has a database of models for escorts and a database of clients who use escort services. The task of managers is to find an escort who suits all parameters of the customer. And the whims and wishes can be very different – from the knowledge of the Chinese language to the ability to play the violin. Therefore, both sides win in this scheme.

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