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St. Petersburg is the second most important city after Moscow, with a fascinating history and great places to relax. Rich men come to the northern capital to rest and relax. Beautiful model girls offering escort services in St. Petersburg will help them in this. A large number of hotels offer their rooms for people with wealth. Of these, we highlight some of the most chic and expensive in St. Petersburg, where the rest will be pleasant and comfortable, especially if there will be a girl from escort service Saint Petersburg.


The five-star Grand Europa Hotel – – is located in the heart of the city. Clients are offered luxurious rooms with the maximum of modern conveniences: satellite TV, split system, alcoholic bar. There is a spacious bathroom with all necessary things: hygienic and cosmetic accessories, slippers, bathrobes, and one of six restaurants and cafes, where cooks prepare delicious dishes for every taste and fast-waiting waiters will not make you wait, and service is of the highest class. ATMs and ticket terminals are available to our guests.


Luxury hotel Four Seasons Lion Palace – is located near Palace Square. The chic rooms are equipped with everything you need for your leisure time in St. Petersburg: TV, air conditioning, a bar with a selection of alcoholic beverages. Comfortable jacuzzi, shower cabin, built-in TV and a set of beauty products – you can have a great time with a beautiful girl invited from an escort in St. Petersburg. Italian restaurant Percorso will please you with specialties, every morning we serve a delicious breakfast.


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Hotel Astoria – – located in the center of St. Petersburg, the area has a spa and a gym with a sauna. Perfectly equipped rooms overlooking St. Isaac’s Cathedral, everything you need for a good rest, an excellent restaurant with Russian cuisine and a great bar. The Winter Garden and ballroom are at your service. You can invite a model from the vip escort of St. Petersburg, which will help you enjoy a full-fledged wonderful leisure.


The magnificent Hotel Trezzini – – is located on the Neva embankment. It offers premium baroque rooms with all the necessary amenities. There is a wonderful restaurant with Russian cuisine, breakfast delivered to the room, a beauty salon. The hotel provides everything for your rest: rooms where no one will disturb you, delivery of dinner to the room. Pretty beauty of the lux escort St. Petersburg will diversify and decorate your pastime, make it impressive and enjoyable.

5. SO.

The five-star hotel SO – – is centrally located. Beautiful comfortable deluxe rooms with a kitchenette allow you to relax and unwind. Excellent restaurant with dishes of Russian cuisine from old recipes, a cozy bar with a fireplace, a chic pool and a spa. Beautiful view and courteous hotel service dispose to pleasant rest. Invited VIP escort SPb girl will help diversify your holiday, make it interesting and unforgettable.

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