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The beautiful, sophisticated girl is admired by all around and literally mesmerizes her chosen one. But what if this man begins to doubt whether his companion is an escort. The fact is that it is not easy to recognize a person who provides such services, because this is not a girls who dresses vulgarly and behaves provocatively with all men without exception. The most expensive escort models always remain discreet and delicate, but still the representatives of this profession have their distinctive features.


Professional escort models have several distinctive lifestyles from regular girls:

  • – Spend a great deal of money and time on grooming. At the same time, the girl carefully monitors the condition of her entire body, so she often needs to go to the salon or pedicure, or anti-cellulite massage, or eyebrow correction. Going to the gym for an escort girl is equal to going to work, because she can’t afford a saggy tummy or flabby skin;
  • – Financially independent of men and parents. They do not report to anyone for their spending, each time they make a decision about the purchase on their own;
  • – Spend more money than men.
  • – Spend money many times more than they earn from their job (if they have one). Often these models have some kind of “regular” job that they need so that relatives and others don’t have unnecessary questions. However, if analyzed, the salary in the service will not cover even a third of expenses;
  • – They feel perfectly well in public, they can hold a conversation on practically any topic. If you think about it, it is easy to understand that inhibited and narrow-minded girls do not stay in this profession for long. Models are constantly self-improving, delving into politics, economics, navigating among the world’s stars of show business and sports;
  • – Often smiling. A friendly smile becomes a habit, many girls use it in their everyday interactions as well;
  • – Tells little about herself, withholds facts from her life. If a girl doesn’t say enough about herself and carefully thinks through every word during a conversation, it’s likely that she’s an escort.

Naturally, if the girl you know has one or two of the above characteristics, you shouldn’t label her as an escort. But if all the items describe your chosen one, don’t be surprised if you find a familiar face when you open the escort services website.

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