Elite dating mistress for wealthy sponsors who looking for mistress

Wife, girlfriend, lover… How boring, ordinary and trite it all is. Pompous older men want a special girl to be by their side. A mistress service! What about it? By status it is necessary! But how to choose the suitable lady? The society imposes special requirements to the elite mistress.

When choosing a suitable candidate there is a certain deal, services, mistress contract. Only in this way men and girls Russian mistress consider their relations in this way. A guy does not want a capricious vip mistress who sooner or later wants to get married. He is not going to squander his love and emotional potential on a demanding wife. Strict rules, a strict contract, agreements that both parties honour. In the end, the man gets status comfort and the lady earns good money from it. And to call her a girl of easy virtue in this case is not an option. This is not the basis of sexual relations.


The mistress goes out with the girl even more often than with the lawful wife. This means that her appearance must be perfect. And it is not only the beauty of the ladies that are on the content of wealthy men. Smart, educated, intelligent and beautiful! But when choosing a candidate you should not dwell only on a beautiful picture. One of the important aspects was and still is the financial question. All terms of keeping, payment for services, main demands to the lady must be stipulated already “on the shore”. To make it more convincing the relationship should be formalized with an official contract, in which all the clauses will be painted in detail. Otherwise, you will get a posh mistress, who at any moment will be capricious, swinging her rights and demanding more and more money. World-Angels Luxury mistress agency is often approached by sponsors who are looking for a mistress dating. You can send us a letter by e-mail or write us on Whatsapp with the note: – I’m looking for mistress, state your requirements and preferences. We will select for you only the best candidates for the role of mistress dating site.


Even before concluding a contract with a future mistress agency World-Angels, you should specify the conditions of her stay. The premise is that the purchase or rent of the flat will be taken care of by the landlord, i.e. the man himself. So, it is not necessary to register the property in the name of the woman. Today, one mistress price from 8000$ per month, tomorrow your plans will change, her place will be taken by another friend. Even the richest gentlemen do not throw that kind of money around.

To find a mistress and find out all about a mistress dating, you can fill out the feedback form on our mistress site or write on WhatsApp +7-925-050-09-25 and our manager will contact you.

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