Escorts in Dubai: how girls become escorts and how much they earn.

In the Emirates there are too many temptations and rich men, too luxurious a life and too few Slavic beauties. And demand always breeds supply. That is why Dubai has become a Mecca for easy money seekers. Today it is the acknowledged capital of escorts. Arabian sheikhs invite girls to the beautiful oriental fairy tale with expensive gifts, luxury hotels, yachts, luxury resorts. And there are more and more who want to make a fast and big buck every year. Read in this review how the escort service market is organised here, how much, to whom, and how.


As in any other job, much depends on the girl’s “qualification”, her level and fame. Prices for escort services start at $1,000 per meeting, but there are girls who are paid $10,000.

Local sheikhs are addicted to Slavic beauty and are willing to shell out decent sums to make their indecent dreams come true. Therefore, the monthly salary of escorts can go up to $20,000-30,000, and even more.

But then again – not everything is unambiguous. Some of the girls come by themselves in the hope to make some money, but in the end they don’t get beyond the discos and end up earning a maximum of $2000. Others come under contract from reputable escort agencies and a couple of months later buy a car or flat.

The models give a percentage to the agency, but the expensive gifts and money “for tips” stay with them. The generosity of Dubai’s sheikhs is well known outside the UAE. There are many stories of girls bringing in “earnings” of $70-100-200 thousand and securing a life without poverty. Many take these stories as an oriental fairy tale, but for some it has become a reality – and this is a fact.


It’s all very simple here – beautiful girls create a beautiful backdrop. They are responsible for the mood of the party – dancing, songs and other pleasures. The “other pleasures” do not presuppose intimate, nobody will force anybody, but the escorts agree to such format of communication for additional earnings.

Sheiks are insanely generous men (there are many testimonies and reviews on the Internet about it). They love to have fun and throw wild parties that can last more than a day. Moreover, at such parties, you can not even see the customer – the girls will just entertain the guests, swim in the pool, drinking cocktails. In short, create a celebration and the right atmosphere.


Escorts in Dubai: how girls become escorts and how much they earn.

Russian escorts, Ukrainian and other beautiful Slavic women for oriental men – exotic, for which they are ready to pay crazy (by our standards) money.

Best GFE escort services in Dubai are very popular because the sultans, the sheikhs, the princes and the local rich do not limit themselves in pleasures. For them, it’s par for the course to pay a beautiful girl a few thousand dollars for an unforgettable week. And at the same time to shower the beauty with expensive gifts.

But to become a sought-after Dubai escorts is not enough to have a model’s appearance (although it’s already 60% of success). You have to meet the following requirements:

  • – The age range is 18 to 21. If you turn 22 in a couple of days, then escorting is possible, but partying with sheikhs is not. The oriental representatives of blue bloods have their own perkiness and models older than 22 years old they do not consider for parties and entertainments.
  • – Manners. This is not about manners (although they are important too). It is about femininity, a smile, absence of bad habits. You have to be a lady first of all. An escort job doesn’t involve intimacy. Your body is your business. But to create an easy pleasant atmosphere, to communicate with men is a must.
  • – Knowledge of English. The higher the level of a foreign language and the ability to carry on a conversation – the higher the earnings will be. Proven in practice!
  • – Willingness to go for 2-4 weeks. This applies to partying with the sheiks, other types of escorts in Dubai involve different terms – from the weekend to several months of residence in the UAE.

As far as looks are concerned, there are a few must-haves:

  • – Maximum naturalness
  • – Height of 170 cm and above.
  • – No tattoos or scars.

Sheikhs never take part in selecting models for their parties. This job is done by a close associate who negotiates with the agency. That’s why you can’t just walk in off the street. There is a strict multi-stage casting. But the salary corresponds – you can earn from 1500 dollars a week.

Particularly gifted beauties get into real escort, and this is a real opportunity to get a harem to the sheik, who pays for everything – accommodation, shopping, any whims of “concubines. The dates may only take place a couple of times a month due to the prince’s workload, and the fee will be paid handsomely.


Instagram, despite its puritanical nature, has long been the social network for female escorts. As a rule, girls with many followers have flamboyant pages with a sea of white sand, luxury yachts and expensive champagne on board a private jet. Every post is all about luxury and glamour: designer clothes, vip cars, luxury resorts.

Escorts in Dubai: how girls become escorts and how much they earn.

Slavic beauties with perfect faces and exciting shapes become a magnet for oriental men and often receive invitations to work in Dubai. Beginning insta-models can earn 1-3 thousand dollars per meeting, the untwisted price tag starts at 7 thousand. Top Instagram stars with an audience of millions can demand a fee of several tens of thousands for a single trip to see the sheikh. Sometimes it’s useful to “shine your face” and “get high” on various TV and online shows to jack up the price tag. For example, some contestants of the Dom-2 project have been spotted escorting in Dubai.

The most famous Instagram model for a long time was Yana Orpheeva. Her rate is over $5000 per hour + expensive gifts. She started her career as an escort lady at the age of 18 in Saudi Arabia and her first suitor was Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. After living in harems of oriental sheikhs for several years, Yana returned to her homeland (Ukraine), bought real estate in Kiev and Moscow, and now lives to her own pleasure.

There are many such stories – some girls spend their youth and the best years wisely, earn money for education and decent life. And they cannot be judged for that.


Getting to know escorts is not that difficult.

  • – Legend has it that they are models, travellers, businesswomen, socialites and public figures. Among them, quite a few are genuine insta-stars with hundreds of thousands of followers.
  • – On their social media pages, they have pictures of their beautiful lives and travels, but they never post their men.
  • – Such girls dress exclusively in brands, because, firstly, they can afford it, and secondly, the shopping is often paid for by rich sponsors.
  • – They live in posh hotels, dine at the best restaurants, relax on yachts and in elite spas. And all this is financed by the client.
  • – In the summer, the Russian girls rest in Monaco; from autumn to spring, they go to Dubai, which is the “high season” there.

Now you know a lot more about escort vacantion, and you can decide for yourself whether it is good or bad to make money in one of the most beautiful and rich places on earth.

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